July 8 – 9 Men’s Memorial Open

Men’s Memorial Open

July 8 & 9  – 9am

*$700 / Team or $780 –  (*Early Entry)

4 Man Scramble

Deadline July 3rd

Includes: 36 Holes, Team Buyout, Meal & Prizes


Fish Fridays Are Back…and More Specials

Check for all our special events on the new Specials page!

Fish Fridays are back by popular demand – May 5th!

Mothers Day Breakfast – May 14th

Mexican Night – May 20th

Come enjoy a night with Mexican food, some Spanish music along with some Karaoke and of course some Mexican food cooked by somebody directly from Mexico.




Come Out to the Annual General Meeting

It’s that time again folks. Every year groups like ours must have an AGM and IHGC has set ours for Monday, April 10th. This is the meeting where elections are held, and where current board members can stand again or elect to not run.

There will be several positions open, including the secretary and I think at least a couple of directors, to anyone who is civic minded and has the time to be involved in the decision making for the golf course and the campground. Sometimes board members who wish to stay on are acclaimed because it is not an easy task to find willing participants, but generally, there are always  some who have decided not to run and so, opportunities are there for new blood. The term is  for two years and as attendance is virtually mandatory for all board members at all meetings, a solid commitment is required.

AGM’s are also the one meeting where bylaws can change. Something that might change is the actual date of the AGM, which is now set to April. It wasn’t always though, and as I understand, it was changed from earlier in the winter to accommodate board members who were also snowbirds and often away at that time of year.  Changing this date may eliminate some members from participating in the running for office, and even just voting for their choice of board members. 

Another suggestion was the creation of a separate “Campground” board. A mandate would need to be fleshed out, but those who are mainly concerned with the campground could participate in this group, have their concerns addressed by other campers, and fees could remain with the campground. The lease would still be administered by the main BoD.  and the golfers who are not campers need not vote on concerns that don’t affect them.

What motions might you wish to see considered?


Have You Seen the Owls?

Typically there has been a family of four or more Great Horned Owls living in the trees, either on the south end of the campground, or on the golf course, often along the service road between hole 5 tee box and hole 3-9 tee box.

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