Elections and Annual General Meeting

Club Members are reminded the Annual General Meeting will be held April 10th at 7pm at the Clubhouse. The AGM is the one time each year that bylaws can be changed and as well,  several board positions are up for election.

See you there?

Come Out to the Annual General Meeting

It’s that time again folks. Every year groups like ours must have an AGM and IHGC has set ours for Monday, April 10th. This is the meeting where elections are held, and where current board members can stand again or elect to not run.

There will be several positions open, including the secretary and I think at least a couple of directors, to anyone who is civic minded and has the time to be involved in the decision making for the golf course and the campground. Sometimes board members who wish to stay on are acclaimed because it is not an easy task to find willing participants, but generally, there are always  some who have decided not to run and so, opportunities are there for new blood. The term is  for two years and as attendance is virtually mandatory for all board members at all meetings, a solid commitment is required.

AGM’s are also the one meeting where bylaws can change. Something that might change is the actual date of the AGM, which is now set to April. It wasn’t always though, and as I understand, it was changed from earlier in the winter to accommodate board members who were also snowbirds and often away at that time of year.  Changing this date may eliminate some members from participating in the running for office, and even just voting for their choice of board members. 

Another suggestion was the creation of a separate “Campground” board. A mandate would need to be fleshed out, but those who are mainly concerned with the campground could participate in this group, have their concerns addressed by other campers, and fees could remain with the campground. The lease would still be administered by the main BoD.  and the golfers who are not campers need not vote on concerns that don’t affect them.

What motions might you wish to see considered?


We are waiting for you...heh heh heh.

Opening Day Friday March 24

Mark your calendars! We will be ready to open Friday, March 24! The Weather? Who cares. Get out here! Don’t forget to check out the Sale at Jimmy Mo’s Pro Shop!

Volunteer! (It’s Our Thing)

As the Indian Hill Golf Course is a non-profit organization, a board is elected each spring to manage our affairs. They are not elected to Do for us. Club members help in hundreds of ways throughout the year, and even more in the spring. It’s the members who built this place. 

The Leagues are a great example. How do you think the new concession shack onTee #7  or all the wonderful flower pots and gardens happened?

The campground is another prime example of Volunteerism at Indian Hill. Many of us recall great times camping and fishing here before it was organized, with just an outhouse and a few firepits. A group of keen and able members had to convince a very reluctant board to help arrange the lease, from the powers that be, signing off with a promise to look after the property.

After that, well, you see the washrooms, the camp kitchens, and powered sites. That was all accomplished through volunteerism.

In all of these projects, there is a huge element of gifting on the part of the members, and it wasn’t just their time. Members have bought and paid for much of the development out of their own pockets, without the boards involvement.  What wasn’t member funded was Donated with no strings, from local farmers and businesses.

Another great example is the position of camp host which up until lately, was a position of honour, sort of. One of the crew, (the builders) was appointed (volunteered) to do the job, which came with a free site (WooHoo!) for the year. Alass, it is a two person job so the wives of the volunteer had to be fully involved as well.  If you think about it, that camp host position was perhaps the greatest gift anyone could have made for the group.  7 days a week, 24 hrs a day, washrooms, kitchens, huge lawns, flooding, and repairs. And more! Hats off to you guys! (We know who you are :).

Although much is changing for our little club, I think we can rely on our members to continue to offer their service. The camp washrooms will need pressurizing, once the canal is running. as will the water lines at the sites, and the irrigation. There are probably some tables in need of repair, or re-staining. The mowers and other campground equipment may also need attention, though our only full time employee, Steve, may already be on top of that. Someone will need to go for water with the water trailer. Hope the tires are ok.  Also, we may need all hands on board in the event of a disaster like the the last flood.

And what else? It doesn’t matter- we’ll get it done because it’s what we do. It’s what makes our campsite a great community. So, if you see something, consider the opportunity it provides you to participate. Talk with your camp ground neighbours, search out the crew, or just fix it yourself, thanks.

Above all, just realize absolutely everything in that camp ground was provided by a volunteer and deserves our respect.

Welcome to the community!



Indian Hill Golf Pool 2017

Announcing the new Indian Hill Golf Pool

Click Here for printable PDF Form


The Pool starts Masters week, deadline is Thursday April 6, 10 am.  It will run through the year until Sept 24th, final tournament is the Tour Championship.

Rules: Pick 3 players for BOX #1, then 1 player from boxes 2 through 14.  You should have a total of 16 players.

Point System:  1st – 15pts, 2nd – 12pts, 3rd – 10pts, 4th – 8pts, 5th – 6pts, 6th – 4pts and 7th -through 10th  - 3pts.  The Majors are double points for both the PGA Tour and the LPGA Tour

Entry Fee: $20 per team, enter as many times as you like.  100 % payout, 1st through 5th.

Either fax the form to 403-345-5943, email to indianhillproshop23@gmail.com or drop off at the Golf Course.

If you have any further questions, call Jim at the Pro Shop – 403-345-5911

Book Tee Times Online with Chronogolf

Now we can book our tee times online, thanks to Jimmy Mo and Chronogolf. This was available last year and very successful. Members can click on the Chronogolf logo in the sidebar, chose the “Members” tab and login for additional perks. If you are a member, just use the email you used when signing up for a membership at the club and follow the helps. Call the proshop for help if needed.

Click Here to try it out

Have You Seen the Owls?

Typically there has been a family of four or more Great Horned Owls living in the trees, either on the south end of the campground, or on the golf course, often along the service road between hole 5 tee box and hole 3-9 tee box.

Please join and post photos to our Facebook group

Could You Help Out on the Website?

Learn Something New

Like all things in a volunteer group, this website takes time and effort to keep it running smoothly. The website administrator is responsible to keep the site up and running, securely and effectively. The admin can decide to use a custom layout or a CM such as our current WordPress system. The advantage with WP is that it is easy to use and others can assist in adding or editing content without much of a learning curve. Typically, I find I spend 12-16 hrs a week on administration, updating plugins and security patches. 

Editing or authoring  can take as much or as little time as you want. Taking, saving, uploading and editing images is a necessary evil, if we want images on our posts and pages.  Fortunately, this position comes with instant gratification in that editors get to see their content as it evolves into a post, or page.  An editor needs to be in contact with the various members in charge of the different departments and ready to assist them in getting their content up in a timely fashion.

Although many have tried to build their own sites from scratch, or with other simpler CM systems, including myself for as long as the Internet has been around,  I am a Word Press believer now. This system takes all the tediousness out of managing a site, yet delivers a content platform that is completely dynamic and interactive. Most of all, any user can post what they need to get out there themselves by just using a typical word processing interface. Another aspect of Word Press is that it's open source and the community is Huge! No end to the help.

It does have a learning curve, but it's simple enough even I can manage. And I will train you too.

If you think you can help out in any way, please contact me here or use the comment form below, and let's get started.

Thank You.


Call-Out for Course and Campground Photographers

We need your pics!

If you are one who loves to take photos,  then you should know this website will always have a place for decent pics of all the action throughout the year. Even Winter Pics! (Anyone been out ice fishing lately?) 

For those of us who spend any amount of  time out here, we know there are fantastic vistas; sunsets, sunrises, mist on the lake, even snow covered greens for example. What about other weather events too? Like floods, or storm aftermaths for example. 

Then there are the evening fireside gatherings, that first tee silhouette, league players, tourney winners, and hundreds of other people type photos.  Canada Day, other fundraising events also need coverage, and there are a lot of good cell phone cameras everywhere these days, so what do you say? 

Just add admin@indianhill.ca to your contacts, then click and send, and if you can, add some context or description so we can get it right. 

Maybe there could be an end-of-year  prize for best photo? What do you think? .....comment below.